Post-Pandemic Priorities for buying your first home

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We’ve all spent plenty of time in our homes recently and this may have got you thinking- maybe it’s time to buy your own. And whether you’re looking for something that resembles a city apartment or a bigger family home with a back garden and an extra room for guests, buying your home can be a big decision and comes with plenty of consideration. But what has changed post-pandemic and how do we now list our buying priorities when it comes to putting that deposit down on a property.


An office room


If you have been lucky enough to switch your commute to the office, squished onto the tube or sat in traffic amongst all the other office dwellers, nine to fivers and early morning hustlers to the quiet commute to the office room or the kitchen in the house, then this might just be a priority for you. With plenty of us still remotely working or now having completely switched to running the business or tending to the clients from home then you want a space that keeps you calm, motivated and switched on. With plenty of natural light and good wifi connection open plan layouts are really taking off on the post-pandemic market with those ikea desk setups flying off the shelves. Or maybe you want to convert the spare room and separate work from home as much as you can so you can really switch off at the end of the day.  Apartments like those under shared ownership Bedfordshire are a great idea for balancing the home work life and checking off the list at the end of the day.


Plenty of open space


Like many of us, you might have spent quite a bit of time walking in nature, whether you were furloughed and bored or just missing the pub. Houses like those offered with shared ownership Surrey are nestled on the fringe to the Kent countryside and with plenty of parks and woodland to really let yourself relax, a home here is pretty ideal for those nature fixes. Shared Ownership East Sussex is also a great option with many staycationers making this a homecation and taking walks on the beach and rambles in the countryside. With a great village life atmosphere a home here is wrapped in greenery and the perfect spot for holiday makers and house hunters alike.


Bars, Restaurants and Nightlife


We’ve all missed Friday night date night at our favourite eatery or a cafe-catch up with friends, so many of us are now prioritising this when it comes to buying our first home. Unsurprisingly, this has made a lot of us realise just how much we appreciate our local businesses and the simple act of going out and spending time with mates. With Shared Ownership Cheshire putting you on the doorstep to some sumptuous swanky bars including The Botanist, Victors Hale and San Carlo, homes here are being swiped left right and centre. And on the fringe to the great powerhouse of the north, Manchester, this rural paradise just 15 minutes from the city is a real treat for post-pandemic buyers.


So whatever has made you feel that it is time to settle down somewhere new, have a think about what is most important to you and go from there! We are all different and with exceptional times we’ve all learned some exceptional things about where we want to spend our time the most.