International vs Freightliner : Which is a More Reliable Semi Truck?

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There are several semi truck brands that make it on the highways and dirt roads. Some prove to be more beneficial than others, particularly when it comes to their features and designs. This article concentrates on comparing two of the most reliable and popular semi truck brands that you are most likely familiar with—International and Freightliner.


International Semi Trucks


One of the greatest benefits of International semi trucks is their high-strength construction that definitely meets standard safety regulations. In this case, you may lean towards getting an International semi for sale instead of a Freightliner because the way the trucks of the former are designed also paves the way for unparalleled durability. This means that International trucks are practically indestructible, enabling you to keep your big rig for a long period of time. International trucks are also highly maneuverable, which means that truck drivers behind the wheel of an International big rig won’t have any trouble navigating even narrow roads. The most in demand trucks from International are dump trucks, sleeper cabs, and day cabs. 


Freightliner Semi Trucks


Freightliner semi trucks are very well-known because of their innovative features such as their advanced braking system, as well as their adaptive cruise control. The latter helps the truck drivers detect any potential rear-end collision with other vehicles on the road. Their trucks even feature a lane departure warning (LDW), which means that as a driver, you will already have a good insight into the surrounding traffic of the road that you will pass through. This feature also sends a notification or a warning in case there are other motorists or drivers in your blind spot. Freightliner semis are also fuel efficient, letting operators save on expenses in the long run. 




While there are certain features that are only available with either an International or Freightliner brand, these truck manufacturers also have various similar features and offerings. For instance, both have a variety of warranties or light to severe duty models that you can choose from. Both of these truck manufacturers also offer remote update features. Because of these, it can be deemed that both truck manufacturers have big rigs that are suitable for loading heavy loads over long distances. Moreover, semi truck models from International and Freightliner are sold less expensive compared to other big names like Kenworth or Peterbilt. This means you can get world-class units without breaking the bank. Well-built and proven long-lasting, it is even safe to buy second-hand versions of these brands if you want to save more on capital expenses or skip the hassle of applying for a loan or any financing option.


Final Word


International and Freightliner semi truck brands seem to offer a wide variety of features for the benefit of truckers and drivers. Some of these features are similar while some are distinct in only one brand. Nevertheless, if you want to get the right big rig that will be able to suit your needs, you first need to identify the features that are non-negotiable before carefully evaluating which truck brand offers it.