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Listed Mag offer a range of financial services to help individuals and companies who require financial assistance or investment advice.  We have a team of wealth management managers who are experienced in raising finance for investment opportunities. If you would like to speak to our team we can arrange a call and discuss your requirements.

Who We Are

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Jessica Anderson

Jessica has been the Director at ListedMag for over 13 years and is one of the UK’s leading financial experts.  


Bill Sparrow

Bill has a career spanning over 25 years in investment planning and small business advice. 

Additional Director

Michelle Ross

Michelle has recently joined ListedMag after running her own finance company and now runs our investent division.

Manager - Operations

Floyd Simpson

Our operations manager Floyd is one of the UK’s leading financial advisors, responsible for our mid range investment portfolios.

Manager - Marketing

Mike Milson

Mike is new to ListedMag and is our marketing manager who is responsible for new business acquisition. 

Manager - Human Resource

Alison Fox

Alison is the person who keeps all the team together and is also our customer relations manager.

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