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Three mistakes in CEO succession planning

Your board can spend a lot of time on CEO succession and still get it wrong. Here’s a look at three big pitfalls and how to avoid them
By Beverly Behan
December 15th, 2015

CEO succession is an area where most boards feel they could raise their game. PwC’s 2015 study of nearly 800 U.S. public company directors, released in October, revealed that less than half feel their board spends sufficient time on CEO … Continue reading

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The ultimate impasse

There’s a lot at stake when boards of directors and CEOs disagree. Sometimes, the tension is creative and easily resolved. But when it’s not, boards must act
By Paul Brent
September 26th, 2012

Conflict happens. It is a natural outcome of putting a group of people together in a room and asking them to make oftentimes-difficult decisions. That dynamic is magnified when corporate directors and officers with varied backgrounds, skills, life lessons and … Continue reading

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