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Beating back trouble

Special Report on Risk: Social media, business complexity and widening stakeholder interests are changing the speed, scale and scope of crisis management. Is your board keeping up?
By Jim Middlemiss
October 5th, 2017

As crisis moments go, the announcement by Home Capital Group Inc. (TSX:HCG) last Feb. 10 that it had received an enforcement notice from the Ontario Securities Commission calling out its 2014 and 2015 continuous disclosure practices couldn’t have seemed much … Continue reading

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Is everybody out there?

What’s the biggest way social media and online culture is changing how companies communicate? Exclusivity is history.Whatever message you’re delivering, know that every shareholder, stakeholder and critic is within earshot
By Jim Middlemiss
August 24th, 2014

When Bombardier Inc. launched the maiden flight of its CSeries jet last September, the company broadcast the three-hour-plus event in a live, bilingual webcast that was more Canada AM than a traditional corporate video. Held outdoors at the Mirabel airport … Continue reading

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Tell one, tell all

Channels for public company communications may be evolving as the use and utility of social media explodes, but the big lesson of 2013 is that the same strict rules of disclosure still apply
By Chaya Cooperberg
December 13th, 2013

Looking back on the year in investor relations, the buzz was all about social media. In the U.S., the Securities & Exchange Commission’s approval, with certain caveats, of tools such as Twitter for public company disclosure stirred debate. The mid-summer … Continue reading

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Analyst coverage a moving target

Cuts to equity research at the big banks are pushing certain deals—and company coverage—to mid-tier and boutique outfits. And it could mean a few new stops on your next road show
By Chaya Cooperberg
June 18th, 2013

Even as equity markets in the U.S. and Canada have rallied in the wake of the recession, equity research analysts who earn a living researching and recommending stocks have not fared as well. The mammoth U.S. banks such as Goldman … Continue reading

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Saying no to social media

Now here’s a contrarian view: for many companies, communicating with shareholders through social media may be a massive waste of time
By Michael Salter
March 15th, 2012

This is the new orthodoxy: social media is an irresistible force and it’s increasingly being used to communicate with existing or prospective shareholders. If your company’s investor relations officer (IRO) isn’t on board, she or he is a technophobe who … Continue reading

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