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Putting the force in enforcement

As Canada’s leading market watchdog, the Ontario Securities Commission has been long criticized for its weak record in prosecuting serious securities crime. Will a new head of enforcement, working with new tools, under a new chair, be able to change that?
By Cooper Langford
August 4th, 2017

  Barring negotiated settlements, most of Canada’s securities enforcement community will be consumed this fall with the prosecution of several related high-profile cases alleging insider trading of shares in the former Montreal-based Amaya Inc., now Toronto-based The Stars Group Inc. … Continue reading

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Emerging market issuer survival guide

While the Sino-Forest saga unfolds, regulators and law enforcement are paying close attention to all emerging market issuers. What’s a director to do?
By Jim Middlemiss
March 16th, 2012

IT WASN’T EXACTLY a quiet winter for scandal-plagued Sino-Forest Corp. Yet spring promises to get noisier still. On tap: year-end results, updates on ongoing fraud-allegation investigations and class-action suits, and a potential lifting in April of the trading halt imposed … Continue reading

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