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In search of awareness

Clear thinking, better decision making, improved leadership skills, greater self-awareness—if mindfulness training helps you get there, what director or senior executive doesn’t want more of that?
By Paul Brent
July 26th, 2015

It got its start at Google, it involves meditation and it is really, really trendy. If those clues don’t immediately conjure up images of cross-legged coworkers grounding themselves in meditation and mindfulness training, don’t feel too out of touch. The … Continue reading

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Learning IS the job

Certain big-name programs may get the headlines, but director education is actually a world of different practices and standards. The one constant: as demands on directors from shareholders and regulators keep growing, the need for knowledge keeps increasing, too
By Celia Milne
March 16th, 2012

IT IS WELL KNOWN that corporate directors of publicly traded companies face sharper scrutiny and disclosure duties than ever before. Education is or should be a critical ingredient in the excellent performance that corporations, shareholders, the public and regulators expect. In … Continue reading

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