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Diversity’s future less than clear

Despite new OSC regulations, the proportion of women directors and senior executives on TSX-listed companies in 2016 is unchanged from 2015. What will it take to move the dial?
By Listed staff
October 10th, 2016

Here’s a free tip for any member of the board or senior management of a TSX-listed company. Steer clear of fortune-tellers unless you can bear to hear the following: “I see quotas in your future.” Not tomorrow, not next year, … Continue reading

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More ways to the market

New U.S. legislation could make it easier for smaller Canadian firms to get an American listing. But it’s one particular rule, letting start-ups sell shares via crowdfunding, that has our tech industry buzzing
By Mark Anderson
June 18th, 2012

Beginning next year, when the so-called U.S. JOBS Act is implemented, American start-ups are going to find it a lot easier to launch initial public offerings and raise money through private placements. But will Canadian companies get in on the … Continue reading

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