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Showing the way

Insider: Deborah Gillis
August 2nd, 2016

Who Deborah Gillis, president and CEO of Catalyst. Gillis, a Canadian, became the first non-American head of the New York-based, global organization in 2013. Catalyst champions gender diversity and the advancement of women on boards of directors and in the … Continue reading

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Deets from above

Exploration companies have been dropping claiming stakes from helicopters for 30 years. But it’s never been ruled ok in Ontario, until now
By Brian Banks
February 27th, 2015

Hearing lawyer Richard Butler describe it, one imagines only two things were missing in the airborne claim-staking blitz that KWG Resources Inc. (TSX-V:KWG) unleashed on unsuspecting rival Noront Resources Ltd. (TSX-V:NOT) on a potentially important Ring of Fire property the … Continue reading

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Less boom, but no bust

Recent setbacks, especially the departure of American giant Cliffs Natural Resources, have deflated much of the original hype around Ontario’s Ring of Fire and Quebec’s Plan Nord. In the long run, that might not be a bad thing
By Susan Mohammad
February 26th, 2014

If the stories of the mining industry in Quebec and Ontario as of late were books, the same author could easily have written them both. Only a few years ago, each province’s mining sector was full of fresh promise. Initial … Continue reading

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