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New scrutiny on director compensation

Director pay levels are rising, and shareholders and proxy advisers are taking note. But along with a few modest changes in oversight, basic good governance should be enough to keep excesses in check
By Ken Hugessen
With Michelle Tan and Camille Jovanovic
December 13th, 2017

Until recently, director pay attracted little attention from the shareholder community. More recently, however, a few cases in the U.S. of much higher pay have drawn some criticism from shareholders (including several class action lawsuits). In response to these concerns, … Continue reading

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Defusing share buyback anxiety

Investors are watching closely to see how companies deploy their cash, wary of schemes that inflate executive pay. But it needn’t be stressful, as long as boards get a few things right
By Ken Hugessen
With Michelle Tan and John Skinner
October 11th, 2016

The challenges of prioritizing long-term value creation over short-term returns has intensified in recent years and now impacts a wide range of topics, including executive compensation. The significant increase in share buyback activity in the U.S. (US$166 billion in the … Continue reading

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Shareholder proposals reflect evolving concerns

The frequency of shareholder proposals and their levels of support are gradually gaining steam in Canada. Directors are wise to pay heed. If your board isn’t a target today, it might be tomorrow
By Ken Hugessen
With Michelle Tan
August 27th, 2014

Directors and executives are increasingly aware of the trend towards increasing engagement with shareholders. It runs the spectrum from relatively civilized dialogue behind closed doors to fractious proxy contests. Somewhere in between is a third form of engagement: shareholder proposals. … Continue reading

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