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Is your board MIA on HR?

Directors talk a good game on CEO succession. But when it comes to strategic oversight of human capital—the most important intangible asset most companies possess—too many boards are missing in action. In this excerpt from a new book, The Handbook of Board Governance, edited by Listed contributing editor Richard Leblanc, two leading researchers outline the problem and propose a way forward
By Jay A. Conger and Edward E. Lawler III
August 2nd, 2016

It is a time-honoured adage that CEOs often repeat: “People are our greatest asset,” but is it more than talk? Probably not. Research confirms the adage, showing a linkage between superior human capital management practices and superior organizational performance. In … Continue reading

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Talent gaps: a significant organizational risk

Companies often complain they can’t hire enough good people for important roles. More than frustrating, it’s a business risk that boards can and should address
By John Caldwell
August 27th, 2014

Two years ago in this column, I asserted that because the chief executive officer position carries with it the most critical and broadest responsibilities in the corporation, an ineffective CEO poses one of the greatest risks to the enterprise. But … Continue reading

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