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Putting the force in enforcement

As Canada’s leading market watchdog, the Ontario Securities Commission has been long criticized for its weak record in prosecuting serious securities crime. Will a new head of enforcement, working with new tools, under a new chair, be able to change that?
By Cooper Langford
August 4th, 2017

  Barring negotiated settlements, most of Canada’s securities enforcement community will be consumed this fall with the prosecution of several related high-profile cases alleging insider trading of shares in the former Montreal-based Amaya Inc., now Toronto-based The Stars Group Inc. … Continue reading

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Board reform: the writing on the wall

Provincial securities regulators are calling out boards for their inadequate response to new policies on diversity and term limits. Directors can keep doing nothing, but they shouldn’t be surprised by what happens next
By Richard Leblanc
December 15th, 2015

When a regulator advises corporate directors that progress on gender diversity is “simply not good enough,” as OSC chair Howard Wetston did this summer, that is code that the status quo will not continue, and that more regulation may result. … Continue reading

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Follow their lead

So much of what you hear about building board and executive diversity is how long it takes and difficult it is. Then there are those companies and organizations, like the governance award winners profiled here, that just go out and do it
By Robert Thompson
October 10th, 2015

Howard Wetston wasn’t happy. Wetston, chair of the Ontario Securities Commission, was speaking on the topic of gender diversity at the annual meeting of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance in June. For the OSC, its most recent salvo in … Continue reading

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Comply or explain: enough of a push?

The Ontario Securities Commission seems poised to recommend that the province adopt a new “comply or explain” regime for public issuers in a bid to move companies to boost gender diversity on boards and in management. Despite iffy results elsewhere, it’s got widespread support
By Mark Anderson
December 15th, 2013

Whatever is or isn’t on the table from the Ontario Securities Commission by the time you read this, any director, senior executive, corporate secretary, or governance or proxy adviser worth his or her salary will have already started thinking about … Continue reading

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Emerging market issuer survival guide

While the Sino-Forest saga unfolds, regulators and law enforcement are paying close attention to all emerging market issuers. What’s a director to do?
By Jim Middlemiss
March 16th, 2012

IT WASN’T EXACTLY a quiet winter for scandal-plagued Sino-Forest Corp. Yet spring promises to get noisier still. On tap: year-end results, updates on ongoing fraud-allegation investigations and class-action suits, and a potential lifting in April of the trading halt imposed … Continue reading

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