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Beating back trouble

Special Report on Risk: Social media, business complexity and widening stakeholder interests are changing the speed, scale and scope of crisis management. Is your board keeping up?
By Jim Middlemiss
October 5th, 2017

As crisis moments go, the announcement by Home Capital Group Inc. (TSX:HCG) last Feb. 10 that it had received an enforcement notice from the Ontario Securities Commission calling out its 2014 and 2015 continuous disclosure practices couldn’t have seemed much … Continue reading

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Ethical imperatives for every board

A must-follow ethics oversight checklist for Canadian directors, based on lessons learned from boards that have succeeded in preventing ethical failure as well as those that have failed, sometimes infamously
By Richard Leblanc
October 11th, 2015

I recently moderated an address by Andrew Fastow, the former CFO of Enron, and followed up by delivering a keynote on the role of the board in ethics, tying in aspects of Mr. Fastow’s speech. What follows—10 ways that boards … Continue reading

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Shades of grey in green

“Ethical oil” is just a slogan. But it’s hard to argue that we shouldn’t consider the widest possible range of environmental and social issues when making policy decisions
By Sandra Odendahl
December 19th, 2011

The countdown is on as I write. Unless things change, the European Union is set to vote in December on a directive that would discourage the use of oil from Canadian oilsands by classifying it as one of the highest … Continue reading

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