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Enterprise risk: where does a board’s role end?

Lack of management objectivity makes it incumbent on boards to go beyond their traditional oversight role in several key areas of enterprise risk management. The payoff: reduced exposure and better performance
By John Caldwell
August 3rd, 2017

Ordinarily, the delineation and segregation of responsibilities between management and the board is relatively straightforward. While boards ultimately carry the over- arching responsibility for the enterprise, management is tasked to manage the affairs of the business. In practice, this generally … Continue reading

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Simplifying the risk universe for boards

Philosophers can see the universe in a single grain of sand. An effective corporate board should be able to lay out its risk universe on a single sheet of paper
By John Caldwell
August 1st, 2016

Enterprise risk is an entangled subject with no shortage of complexities. And many risk-management systems have evolved unwittingly into mind-numbing risk-register spreadsheets, stoplight charts that would rival any Manhattan rush hour, and obligatory mitigation plans with more form that actionable … Continue reading

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Considering the consequences

Board oversight of consequential analysis as part of its assessment of residual risks is critical to prioritizing risks for in-depth board oversight. Here’s an approach to consider
By John Caldwell
April 21st, 2014

In overseeing enterprise risk, an initial task in the process is to identify and log the major risks into various categories. The conventional three-stage approach is to determine the residual exposure for each risk by assessing and ranking each risk … Continue reading

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