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Directors with devices: driven to distraction?

Tablets, cellphones and laptops make us all more efficient—until those same tools, coupled with social media, become a distraction and an intrusion. Why it pays to be smart with smart tech
By Richard Leblanc
May 19th, 2017

You can be sure PwC partner Brian Cullinan learned his lesson after his distracted-tweeting gaff at the Academy Awards in February. But we should study it as a teachable moment for directors, too. Cullinan, you’ll recall, was in charge of … Continue reading

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Jean-René Halde: An open playbook

In The Director’s Chair with David W. Anderson: Sports teams thrive on trust among teammates. Successful boards and board-chair-CEO relationships work the same way, says veteran CEO and director Jean-René Halde
October 9th, 2016

Jean-René Halde is the first one to say he doesn’t have all the answers. But it’s clear from his varied and illustrious career as a CEO, board chair and director, and from his remarks in the following conversation with governance … Continue reading

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Agenda: sustainability

Insider: Annette Verschuren
May 30th, 2016

Who Annette Verschuren, chair and CEO of NRStor Inc., a Toronto-based energy storage project developer and owner. Verschuren also sits as a director on the boards of Air Canada (TSX:AC), Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (TSX:CNQ); Saputo Inc. (TSX:SAP) and Liberty … Continue reading

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Ethical imperatives for every board

A must-follow ethics oversight checklist for Canadian directors, based on lessons learned from boards that have succeeded in preventing ethical failure as well as those that have failed, sometimes infamously
By Richard Leblanc
October 11th, 2015

I recently moderated an address by Andrew Fastow, the former CFO of Enron, and followed up by delivering a keynote on the role of the board in ethics, tying in aspects of Mr. Fastow’s speech. What follows—10 ways that boards … Continue reading

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Cyber risk takes centre stage

A string of high-profile cybersecurity breaches has focused attention on an emerging challenge in the boardroom: are directors doing enough to ensure their companies are adequately protecting sensitive data and technology?
By Jim Middlemiss
October 30th, 2014

When Doug Hayhurst traveled on company business in the 1980s, the former IBM and PwC executive used a briefcase with no corporate logo when visiting certain jurisdictions so as not to attract attention. Fast-forward to today. Hayhurst, an independent director … Continue reading

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Test of character

It seems obvious that good directors and top executives be individuals of good character. But is it possible to measure and screen for it when recruiting?
By Ken Mark
October 30th, 2014

It’s been six years since the rock-bottom depths of the financial crisis, yet that period remains a constant point of reference when business people, economists, academics and even social commentators assess root causes of failure at companies and in the … Continue reading

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Insiders dish on deadwood directors

Not every board wants to hear it, but the message from the market, shareholders and savvy insiders is clear: renew your directors or others will do it for you
By Richard Leblanc
August 27th, 2014

Board composition is one of the most critical issues for companies and their shareholders today. This top-10 list of recommended practices—backed by candid commentary—is based on 40 recent director and executive interviews and ongoing advice and assessment provided to activist … Continue reading

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Five questions that mining boards need to ask

It’s imperative that mining company boards find ways to add significant value when hard times are forcing management to make do with less. Here’s how
By Beverly Behan
February 26th, 2014

The past year has been described as a “survival year” in the Canadian mining sector. In an environment where CEOs are scrambling to cut costs and make do with less in order to help their companies weather the storm, the … Continue reading

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Turnover, not tenure, makes the board

Research shows that companies with excessively long-serving directors are relative underperformers. How much longer can boards run without third-party evaluations and term limits, knowing it erodes shareholder value?
By Richard Leblanc
December 13th, 2013

Many directors hang on to directorships for far too long. Recently, I counted several directors who have been on corporate boards for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. Incumbent directors offer reasons for staying: how they know the company, enjoy … Continue reading

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Less talk, more discussion, better decisions

Attention management: you’ve got a great group of directors, with highly relevant expertise and backgrounds. It’s time you turned to them more as a sounding board on critical issues
By Beverly Behan
December 13th, 2013

One of my favourite questions in conducting board interviews involves asking the directors, CEO and other company executives to tell me about the balance of presentation time versus discussion time in their board meetings. In other words, roughly how much … Continue reading

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Advice on the side

Here’s a trend that should spread: the appointment of special advisers to CEOs and special advisory committees to boards. No legal commitments, plenty of available insight
By Paul Brent
June 19th, 2013

Neil Tait’s company-mandated retirement from the Bank of Montreal in the spring of 2001 lasted less than one day. Tait, BMO’s senior vice-president of Asian banking and architect of its expansion into China, had decades’ worth of experience and knowledge … Continue reading

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New kid on the board

Insider: Gerald Grandey
June 18th, 2013

Who Gerald Grandey, director at Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. and Sandspring Resources Ltd.; former president and CEO of Cameco Corp. of Saskatoon (2003-2011) Involvement Two years ago this July, Gerald Grandey made the transition from … Continue reading

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Dominic Barton: On fast bucks and real value

In The Director’s Chair with David W. Anderson: Dominic Barton, global managing director of McKinsey & Co., sounds the alarm for Western business leaders, markets and investors: lose the short-term bias or lose the race
April 15th, 2013

Dominic Barton grew up on Canada’s west coast and, a couple of decades later, made his way to the top job at global consulting giant McKinsey & Co. via postings in Seoul and then Shanghai. So it’s no surprise to … Continue reading

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Directors wanted: operational experience required

It’s a common lament at many boards: we can’t find new directors with CEO-level operational experience. It’s also mostly hogwash. A much bigger problem: tired, safe, word-of-mouth recruiting practices
By Robert Thompson
April 15th, 2013

It isn’t a lack of talent, but a myopic viewpoint that limits Canadian boards when it comes to adding new directors. That’s the take of corporate governance expert Beverly Behan. Her remarks come at a time when yet another report, … Continue reading

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Getting from A to pay

Setting annual CEO and C-suite compensation is supposed to be a rigorous process. But active dialogue between boards, management and pay consultants, combined with careful planning, can help it run smoothly
By Ken Hugessen
April 12th, 2013

For compensation committees and senior management involved in executive compensation decision-making, the first quarter of the year can be a stressful time. Most issuers are determining bonuses for the year just ended as well as long-term incentive grants (e.g. stock … Continue reading

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