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Directors: ready for their close-up

Not long ago, the subjects of communications strategies and boards of directors' duties would rarely even appear in the same sentence. Today, as boards’ visibility and shareholder scrutiny increases, a growing number of directors are finding communications counsel and training are becoming essential to their jobs
By Celia Milne
June 19th, 2013

Excellence in communications strategy and implementation has long been management’s purview. Savvy businesses have an ongoing commitment to corporate communications, investor relations and transparency. The smarter they communicate their messages and the more acutely they listen to stakeholders, the fewer … Continue reading

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Saying no to social media

Now here’s a contrarian view: for many companies, communicating with shareholders through social media may be a massive waste of time
By Michael Salter
March 15th, 2012

This is the new orthodoxy: social media is an irresistible force and it’s increasingly being used to communicate with existing or prospective shareholders. If your company’s investor relations officer (IRO) isn’t on board, she or he is a technophobe who … Continue reading

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