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Who’s writing your climate narrative?

We hear a lot about climate-related divestment in energy, but investors are paying increasing attention to climate change risk in all sectors. If your disclosure is poor, it leaves you offside and out of the loop
By Mai Nguyen
May 18th, 2017

On Easter Monday, Suncor Energy Inc. quietly released a 15-page report that laid out several plausible climate futures and how it plans to stay “climate resilient” in a low-carbon economy. In a note addressed to shareholders, CEO Steve Williams wrote: … Continue reading

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Your next climate defence: adaptation

Extreme weather events and the resulting damage and disruption are on the rise. Companies that don’t want to end up as grim statistics need a climate change adaptation strategy
By Sandra Odendahl
September 16th, 2013

If you don’t believe the climate is changing, you can stop reading right now. But if you run a business and are concerned about how an increasingly unpredictable and changing climate might impact your operations and your bottom line, then … Continue reading

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