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Two words: revenue neutral

National action on carbon emissions is coming. It’s expected, it’s needed and rather than fight it, smart businesses should weigh in on the discussion to help create the best outcome
By Ian McGugan
May 30th, 2016

Should Ottawa tax carbon emissions? British Columbia already imposes a levy on greenhouse gas emitters and Alberta will begin doing so next year. Meanwhile, Quebec forms part of a cap-and-trade system with California, and will soon be joined by Ontario … Continue reading

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This should only hurt a bit

There’s no longer any argument about carbon pricing: it’s here. The challenge for companies now is to be active stakeholders in the transition process while adapting their own operations to keep pace
By Sandra Odendahl
July 28th, 2015

For too long, the earth’s atmosphere has been used a free waste disposal site by, well, everybody. The types of waste and their impacts are myriad, but as we all know there is deep concern about the emission of greenhouse … Continue reading

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