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Growing like weed

It’s official: legalized recreational cannabis is coming to Canada. An already hot market for marijuana companies is set to explode—and a horde of start-ups now face the task of becoming grown-ups in a controversial industry on a short political leash
By Chris Sorensen
May 17th, 2017

New York hedge fund managers pride themselves on being able to spot big moneymaking opportunities long before anyone else. But somehow they failed to notice Bruce Linton when he travelled to Manhattan three years ago to drum up interest in … Continue reading

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Making a speech? Be real

Speeches and presentations that gain buy in and move people can make a good CEO great. But don’t try to be Steve Jobs, says our expert—be you
By Mark Anderson
April 21st, 2014

When the late, great Steve Jobs first began unveiling his paradigm-shifting electronic wonders—iTunes, iPhone, iPad—in a series of glitzy product launches, the world was captivated as much by the laid-back style and effortless cool of the turtleneck-wearing tech visionary, as … Continue reading

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