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Who’s doing your review?

There's no board governance review like an external review done by a qualified assessor—provided they take the right steps
By Richard Leblanc
December 19th, 2011

A few memories stand out from my engagements as an external board reviewer. One was the dominant CEO who kept interrupting me to tell me how effective he and “his” board were, despite the results of my assessment (the board … Continue reading

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Fight! For IR, it’s the ultimate test

Investor relations is never more important than in a hostile takeover bid or proxy contest. Having just lived through the experience, our columnist weighs in on the value of preparation and quick action
By Michael Salter
December 19th, 2011

The telephone call came from a New York City hedge fund manager, minutes after market close on a Wednesday in mid-August, 2011. He wanted to know our response to the hostile takeover bid for MOSAID Technologies Inc. that Wi-LAN Inc. … Continue reading

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Shades of grey in green

“Ethical oil” is just a slogan. But it’s hard to argue that we shouldn’t consider the widest possible range of environmental and social issues when making policy decisions
By Sandra Odendahl
December 19th, 2011

The countdown is on as I write. Unless things change, the European Union is set to vote in December on a directive that would discourage the use of oil from Canadian oilsands by classifying it as one of the highest … Continue reading

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The risk behind the reward

The CSA has amended its executive compensation disclosure guidelines. Issuers must now disclose details about compensation risk and compensation committee expertise; they might also want to rethink their disclosure overall
By Ken Hugessen
December 19th, 2011

Again this year, the Canadian Securities Administrators has issued amendments to executive compensation disclosure guidelines with compliance required for the 2012 proxy season. Following a more comprehensive set of changes in 2008, these latest amendments are more limited, with a … Continue reading

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Mining: A regular money magnet

In a lot of sectors these days, financing isn’t so easy to come by. But not mining. There, thanks to strategic investors and bullish pricing forecasts, the deals continue to flow
By Robert Olsen
December 19th, 2011

What could be worse for a cyclical sector such as mining than the headlines of the past few months? Sovereign debt crisis spreading to the U.S., negative earnings reports, continued global central bank cuts, depressed consumer confidence, China’s slowing demand … Continue reading

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