The do’s and don’ts of corporate social media

Sidebar to "Communicating at the speed of now"
By Celia Milne

There are a lot of misconceptions about social media. Mark Evans, principal with ME Consulting, a digital marketing and social media strategist, offers these dos and don’ts for any company planning its next step. Don’t

• Don’t look at social media as a magic elixir that will solve your problems • Don’t see social media as an activity that works in isolation • Don’t see social media as a “me, me, me” activity; it’s as much about giving as taking • Don’t go into social media without a strong sense of who you are and what you do • Don’t embrace a shot-gun attack; develop a strategic and tactical plan • Don’t be afraid of criticism, complaints and feedback • Don’t think short-term


• Be authentic, be transparent, and show personality • Be consistent; social media is a day-in-day-out activity where victories come by the inch, not the mile • Use social media to listen as much as you talk • Hire the right person to run your social media activities; don’t outsource it • Make social media a part of your corporate culture • Create an internal social media policy so everyone is on the same page • Experiment

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